King Amarashakti was the ruler of Mahilaropya Kingdom. He had 3 sons, namely Bahushakti, Ugrashakti and Anantashakti. The king had a deep worry. All the three princes were fools.
One day the king called all his ministers and courtiers for consultation. One minister suggested to appoint Acharya Vishnusharma as the official instructor for the princes. Vishnusharma was known to be a genius in all the shastras and the theory of politics and diplomacy. 
Acting on the suggestion, the king requested Acharya Vishnusharma to accept the three princess as his students and teach them the ways of the world. Vishnusharma, however, realised that it was more difficult than he had thought to teach his new students through conventional means.
Therefore he decided to pass on wisdom to them in the form of stories. This collection, that has attained fame over centuries, is called Panchatantra. Pancha means five and tantra means strategies or principles.After listening and working on these stories, all the three princes became completely educated in politics and became able administrators. 

Panchatantra, published in Sanskrit, in India, is perhaps the oldest of the children's stories written over 2,500 years ago. The author, Vishnu Sharma, used animal characters to convey certain morals.The collection of stories in Panchatantra are a real guide for parents to help them in raising their children and teaching them the moral values in human life. 
Here we present few selected stories from Panchatantra. Every story is accompanied by a moral.

The Curious Monkey and The Wedge 
The Jackal Strategy
The Musical Donkey
The Bird With Two Heads
The Brahmani and The Mongoose
The Monkey and The Crocodile 
Sparrows Grief
The Dove King
The Blue Jackal
The Mice and The Elephants
The Wiser and The Stronger
The Greedy Jackal

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